Our passionate team provides specialized engineering services for mission critical, healthcare, education, corporate, for technically complex projects.

Our Philosophy

Our engineering and technology solutions are not “one size fits all.”

As a partner-driven firm, we not only get the work, we do the work. When you contract with e3i, you are working with a highly experienced team and owner-led engineering services that target, protect, and resolve project challenges. Our experience and expertise allow us to understand your business needs, goals, and budgets while applying those parameters to YOUR SOLUTION.

What Sets us Apart

We come up with creative, unique, and cost-effective solutions while challenging ourselves to think differently.

We find the best possible option that fits each individual client’s needs. Each business has its own unique set of requirements, challenges, and goals, and e3i responds with a custom-tailored approach every time. We create unique and cost-effective solutions while challenging ourselves to think differently from the basic engineering services offered by our competitors. We are focused on the overall success of each client’s business and therefore target the relationship as opposed to individual jobs. By understanding client needs, we can better identify the best solution suited for that project and client. We design, engineer, test, and commission your systems and infrastructure to ensure your project and business stay up and running: down time is not an option.

We Work Everywhere

We go where our clients take us. You need us, we will be there.

e3i Engineers has had the opportunity to provide our specialized engineering services all around the world in places like the United States, United Kingdom, and South America. The map below provides additional details on projects we have worked on around the world.