We are a family. We have fun together both inside and outside the office.

Our Culture

Since our founding, we have dedicated ourselves to creating the type of workspace where people can bring their true selves to the table.

At e3i Engineers we encourage a strong work/life balance. Our employees are dedicated and hardworking. We aim to promote a social, and collaborative environment, with our open office concept encouraging teamwork amongst all our departments. We feel this leads to better work and happy employees.

e3i Family Fun

It’s all about balance.

At e3i we understand you spend most of your time with the people you work with, so why not make it fun? Events like our summer outings to the red sox game, golf outings, holiday dinner at the Encore Casino or our annual client appreciation event are just a few ways we like support our vision of work life balance at e3i. We want you to enjoy being around the people you work with, so it never feels like work!