Energy & Infrastructure Services

Energy & Infrastructure Services

Customized Solutions Based on Needs and Requirements

Energy & Infrastructure engineering comes in many forms, as not all facilities are alike.

Our clients rely on over 80 years of combined experience to review their facility and assess the needs for specific energy solutions to meet their requirements. We have the technical knowledge to address energy-related issues, and the understanding to know what solutions to apply.  Our unique combination of design experience and energy and infrastructure analysis will provide energy solutions that will reduce lifecycle costs and are feasible for implementation.

e3i engineers has a unique and comprehensive energy and infrastructure approach in which equipment, usage, and energy conservation opportunities are identified, utility savings are calculated, and simple payback or lifecycle costs are determined.


  • Central Utility Plants
  • Co-Generation / Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Utility Interconnect Agreements
  • Utility / Generator Paralleling (Medium and Low voltage) Systems
  • Ducted manhole campus distribution systems / utility tunnels
  • Utility incentive and rebate coordination