Mission Critical Services

Mission Critical Services

Efficient Resilience Without Disruption

e3i Engineers Mission Critical Services team is dedicated to applying the proper solutions to ensure your business is resilient, uninterrupted, and efficient. Our team not only relies on over 80 years of combined critical systems design experience, but also employs the latest in technology to make your program successful.

21st century personal and professional life is reliant on information technology services; every business requires effective collaboration with a local and/or global workforce. Our clients execute financial transactions to move markets, provide global insurance services and perform critical research to optimize patient health outcomes. Providers and end users expect information technology services to be available, responsive, and above all, satisfy their business needs.

e3i Engineers has the expertise to align a data center’s engineering underpinnings with the organization’s financial, performance, and technical goals. Through decades of collaboration and partnership with leading financial services, healthcare, and higher education institutions, our Mission Critical services team works diligently and collaboratively with client teams to develop and implement long-term strategies, engineering solutions, and operational performance.


  • Program management including physical layout, security, architectural and structural requirements as well as electrical and mechanical programming
  • UPS, Switchgear, Generator and Distribution Design including Carbon Reduction Methodologies
  • Electrical systems analysis, coordination and failure analysis using SKM software
  • Chiller Plant, distribution, and end use design
  • Mechanical systems analysis and failure simulation utilizing 6Sigma CFD modeling
  • Energy conservation, efficiency improvements and increased use of renewable energy
  • Purpose-designed solutions to identified challenges
  • Fire protection systems utilizing dry systems, chemical systems and/or water mist
  • Telecommunications design of topology, distribution, and inter-rack detailing
  • Testing, Commissioning, and verification services
  • Third party reviews and consulting
  • Failure analysis and reporting