COVID-Friendly Axe Throwing at Revolution Axe

This year has certainly been a big adjustment to say the least. As an office and business, we have had to adapt in many different areas, from learning to work remotely full time to having virtual client meetings.

At e3i we understand you spend most of your time with the people you work with, or at least use to! Our culture and work life balance have always been a top priority, especially now during these weird times. It is truly important to e3i to keep our staff happy, healthy, and motivated. Needless to say, we needed to get creative this year!

The team at Revolution Axe Throwing in Everett helped us organize and carry out a COVID-friendly and safe employee event on October 1. Our day started off with learning the basics of axe throwing, which was quite entertaining and frightening at the same time! Once we got the throwing down, we opened it up to some friendly competition with a round robin style tournament. Throughout the event a covid friendly boxed lunch and cocktails were served.

To top off the day we had a dual battle between Partners Brian and Bill ending with a double bullseye tie! It was a great day and really lifted the spirits of our team.