Work hard together, unwind together.

No matter the event we really enjoy unwinding together as a group, which is why we plan monthly events; this makes us a strong team both in and out of the office. While this concept is deeply embedded in the e3i culture, our Summer BBQ, specifically, is a highly anticipated annual event full of friendly competition and some good old fashion grillin’!

There’s nothing better than sweet summer time in the North End! The city is always buzzing with tourists, boats, and people dining outside. We are so fortunate to have our office located at the end of Lewis Wharf, literally a stone’s throw from Boston Harbor, which offers spectacular views. We take advantage of the weather, views, and buzz by setting up some friendly Cornhole competitions, and sharing food and drinks while taking a much needed break from work. Bob Q., our grill master, sets up the grill in his tall, white, pleated chef’s hat while whirling spatulas around like batons (ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but that’s what it feels like!). The Italian market next door delivers the drinks, and we all have a blast together. If grilling isn’t in the cards due to weather, we taco lovers take advantage of the plentiful taco bar.