Hult International Business School

Hult House

Working as part of a design/build team, e3i provided a coordinated engineering design including electrical, fire alarm, telecommunications, security, and audiovisual systems for a brand new, mixed-use, high-rise educational building.

The project was a true collaboration from start to finish with the project site originally used for warehouse storage and office trailers. In depth coordination with Eversource, Skanska and EG Sawyer started before the building design was complete. This coordination allowed for a new temporary 13.8kV to 480 volt site electrical service for construction to be installed and located outside of the proposed building footprint in a location that worked with planned construction equipment logistics. A new 2500 kVA, 13.8 kV to 480 volt Eversource vault was designed then constructed within the building footprint for the new utility equipment which included 15 kV switchgear and 2500 kVA vault transformer. The primary 13.8 kV electrical service to the building was further coordinated with Eversource to be run from a different manhole location than the temporary service in order to avoid long trench runs and site disruption. The new Eversource vault location was a challenge that was quickly solved by the design team as the vault height requirements had to be heavily coordinated with the adjacent rock climbing wall and parking areas above.

The ultimate goal for the new building’s creation was to provide a unique environment helping to attract and retain students in the most cost-efficient way possible. e3i worked with the local permitting requirements to evaluate multiple renewable energy systems including (say what we studied) their cost impacts and payback durations. Although LEED certification was not pursued, LEED design strategies were evaluated and several selected items were incorporated into the project design. e3i was tasked with keeping building inhabitants comfortable, safe/secure, and providing convenient means of communication while students better their education. Flexible, modular power systems accommodate dorm-style (common, shared panels) and apartment-style (dedicated panels) living types fitting various housing needs. The security and low voltage system design allows for key-card entry access integrating into the EF Global Access System, meaning a single card can be used to gain access to buildings within EF’s portfolio.

The e3i team worked alongside other design/build, contractor-selected engineers to provide a comprehensive building design. Team members included Skanska (construction manager) and EG Sawyer (electrical contractor) among other valued companies.