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Bob Quitadamo

Bob developed and directs e3i’s Mechanical Group, providing consulting services for mechanical engineering, energy efficiency design and analysis.

He is responsible for reviewing clients’ buildings/facilities/campuses and assessing their needs for mechanical and energy solutions while providing a roadmap for achieving these goals. Bob seeks ways to reduce energy consumption and increase energy savings. What is the right mechanical system for this particular application? What is the most efficient? Where are there utility incentives? What is the life cycle costs? What is the cost/benefit analysis for each application? Taking a deep dive into each and every problem and coming up with the right solution is what gets Bob out of bed in the morning. When he is not working, you can likely find him somewhere in the great outdoors: golfing, playing soccer, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, fishing, or any other outdoor sport you can think of!

Brian Mulkerrin

Brian has 27 years of experience with the engineering, technology, and project management of large- and small-scale electrical engineering projects in healthcare, corporate, higher education, research and development, and life sciences industries.

His specialized experience areas include medium and low voltage distribution, communication, fire alarms systems, nurse call systems, and energy management. Brian together with Bill Leuci founded e3i. In a strategic move to target owner-direct and contractor relationships, e3i’s mission is to provide clients with the best possible solutions for their unique condition. Through this model, Brian and Bill hand-pick their mechanical, plumbing and fire-protection colleagues best suited to the industry in which each client exists, and bring specialists and experts in their field to the table for a variety of client needs, including analysis and testing.

When Brian isn’t in his office overlooking Boston Harbor, you can find him at home in Hingham with wife Katie, sons Liam Michael and Lucas Edward, and daughter Mary Noelle. And possibly watching his all three play a game of hockey or two.

William J. Leuci

Bill specializes in program development and project management for business continuity planning, critical infrastructure design, alternative energy systems, laboratory design, and data center structure designs.

His experience ranges from the design of the nation’s largest rotary UPS system, to classified biocontainment facilities to the integrated testing and commissioning of classified supercomputing facilities. Before anyone described “mission critical” as it is known today, Bill spent the early part of his career engineering the critical power systems for military installments around the world, including work on radar systems, communications systems, and data centers for the U.S. Navy, Air Force and NATO, among other branches of the armed services.

When he’s not working, Bill focuses on his children, daughters Jaqueline and Sophia, who join their dad on fishing and skiing expeditions, or spend time watching him play one of numerous sports several times a week.

Ryan Center

Trained as an electrical project engineer and known for being responsive, collaborative, and technically proficient, Ryan is the director of operations focused on established procedures and applying rigorous e3i standards.

His specialized experience focuses on the design of power distribution systems, lighting systems, and low voltage systems including communication, fire alarm, and nurse call systems in the healthcare and higher education industries. Ryan loves utilizing his extensive experience to form innovative processes that define the firm, in order to provide the high-level of service for which the individual partners are known. Strategic growth, streamlined operations, and client satisfaction are his top priorities.

When Ryan is not working, he spends time with family. A self-described “mama’s boy”, he enjoys down time at his family’s Connecticut Lake House and occasionally visits Greece to check on family property.